3 Types of Medicine Practiced at Urgent Care Clinics

If you do not have a regular doctor and you require medical attention, you have to figure out how you will procure medical services. Depending on the urgency of your condition, you might visit the emergency room of a hospital. The issue is if you are not experiencing an urgent condition, you may clog the ER services. Urgent Care Clinics Randolph NJ offer several services for those who are in need of medical care.

Here are three types of medicine practiced at urgent care clinics.

Urgent Care

A main priority for urgent care clinics is the practice of urgent care medicine. If you are experiencing an allergic reaction, upper respiratory infection or abdominal pain, you will be seen as soon as possible. If you have been involved in a car accident, have a laceration or wound, you will also be given priority. Visiting an urgent care clinic is more cost effective visiting the ER. Plus, they can complete most of the same services. When they are not able to properly treat a patient, they make the necessary transportation arrangements to a facility that can.

Occupational Medicine

An urgent care clinic often partners with employers. When an employee experiences an accident on the job, the employee is referred to the clinic for care. Additionally, pre-employment medical screenings take place at the partner clinic. If an employer requires regular drug screenings, for example, they can be completed at that facility, too. Clinics understand the pressure employers are under, so they offer quick response and turnaround times.

Family Medicine

If you and your family do not have a family doctor, Urgent Care Clinics Randolph NJ are trained and equipped to treat each family member, accordingly.

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