3 Ways to Have Fun and Learn with Fake Snow

Want to do something fun and creative? If your kids are still under the spell of Elsa and Olaf or if they just love magic and snow, then these fun ideas from Kidsplaybox using artificial snow powder are going to keep them happy for days, even weeks, to come:

Have a Snow Party

Given the heat and global warming, chances are the snow is going to come in late this year. In some places it may not even come at all. That’s going to be a sad and sorry sight for your winter-obsessed tykes. So why not hold your own snow party? With companies like SnoWonder producing non-toxic and safe artificial snow powder, you and your kids can have all the snow you want—sans the mess.

Quick Science Lesson

If your kids are at that age where they’re learning and absorbing a lot from their environment, then having a quick and fun science lesson is in order. Instead of making the fake snow yourself, ask for the help of your kids. Do it together. Turn that into a learning opportunity for your kids as well as a chance to bond with them, to spend the day with them in a fun way. Years later, your kids will still remember that fun and enjoyable science lesson, maybe even more than the ones they did at school.

Snow Storm Play

When the snow’s ready, then it’s time to throw a Winter Wonderland Party. Dress up your kids in matching Elsa and Anna gowns, prepare some toy teacups, some treats and you’re ready to go. You could also rig it by putting the snow in front of an electric fan to simulate the effect of falling snowflakes. Indeed, there are so many ways you could make this fun, interesting and special for the kids! So go ahead and explore!

Create Snow Globes

Teach them how to create snow globes, from big ones to small ones and every size in between. Snow globes are a fun way to use the leftover snow you have so you can keep any unused bags of artificial snow powder in reserve for future snow storm parties at your home, or just save enough of them for the coming holidays.

There are so many fun ideas out there that you and your kids can do with fake snow. With enough imagination, you and your kids will find fake snow to be not just entertaining, but a great learning tool as well.

Teach your kids to learn while having fun with fake snow. Call us up at Business Name for your first order of artificial snow powder today!

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