3 Ways Your Plainfield Attorney Can Prove Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice lawyers in Plainfield are required to establish the negligence of the doctor in order for any type of claim from a patient to move forward. Just as is the case with other types of personal injury cases, there are three stages to proving negligence. While these stages are similar, they vary slightly in regard to medical malpractice since this involves showing a qualified caregiver was at fault in causing the harm.

A Doctor/Patient Relationship Must Exist

You must be able to show that there was a direct relationship between the doctor and yourself. The doctor must have consulted directly with you, and there must be proof that you were being treated by that doctor. An appointment book or a prescription with your name and the doctor’s signature may be sufficient evidence of the doctor/patient relationship.

Negligence Must Be Established

In terms of medical treatment, an unsatisfactory outcome isn’t enough to show negligence. Your lawyer must be able to show that a doctor with similar expertise would have treated someone with a similar condition in a different manner. It must be shown that the doctor provided a substandard level of care.

Show Harm Caused by the Negligence

Medical malpractice lawyers in Plainfield must also show that the doctor’s negligence caused you to harm in some way. For example, if a misdiagnosis allowed cancer enough time to metastasize and become untreatable, this may be enough to show harm. In order to prove this facet of negligence, it must be shown that the worsening of your condition was a direct result of the medical malpractice.

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