4 Benefits of Paintless Dent Removal

Your car is the second largest investment in your life behind your home. As such, you go to great lengths to make sure that it is maintained properly, and that it looks good, as well. However, there are things that we cannot prevent – hail damage, runaway shopping buggies, people parking too close and dinging the side of your car with their door. Those are all examples of how dents and dings can occur through no fault of your own. Paintless dent removal from a Chelmsford, MA, body repair shop can help. What benefits does this repair method offer?

No Repainting

Perhaps the most important benefit of this repair method is apparent in the name itself – there’s no need for painting. Repainting can be time-consuming and costly. It can also be difficult to match the color of your car perfectly, even if you use OEM supplied touch-up paint. With paintless dent repair, you don’t have to worry about that.

No Sanding

With other methods of dent repair, such as dent pulling, sanding is often necessary. This may be to sand down holes before using body filler to patch them, or it could be to sand down damaged paint to the undercoat. With paintless dent repair, a Chelmsford, MA, body shop can ensure there’s no sanding necessary.

Invisible Repairs

Most types of dent repair leave at least some trace behind. You might see the shadow of the body filler used, or you could see the perforation mark where a puncture was made to pull a dent out. They might be barely noticeable, but they’re there. With paintless repairs, the entire thing is completely invisible.

Reduced Costs

Conventional dent repair is expensive. This is because it is very labor intensive. Body panels must be removed, and the dent must be hammered out. The paint must be sanded down to the primer, and then the body panel needs to be repainted and then reinstalled on the car. While it results in a full repair, it can be costly. Paintless dent repair is far less expensive because it is less involved and less labor intensive.

Of course, not all dents are repairable with paintless dent repair methods. If your car has sustained hail damage, has been dinged by someone opening their door, or in any other way, we invite you to get in touch with us at A-1 Auto Collision. We’d be happy to provide you with a free estimate on your dent repairs. Call us at 978-256-9620.

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