4 Important Signs Your Home Needs Roof Replacement in Gig Harbor

When a roof begins to advance towards the end of its viable lifespan, repair issues will begin to occur more often. It is imperative homeowners are able to recognize the signs of roof problems, so they will know when to seek the professionals for Roof Replacement in Gig Harbor. With prompt replacement, homeowners can rest assured their new roof will be protective.

4 Important Signs of Roof Problems

While a homeowner may be tempted to put off Roof Replacement in Gig Harbor, this is not a good idea. Waiting too long to have a roof replaced will only lead to continued damage that will eventually become expensive to repair. The following are some signs that should never be ignored by a homeowner.

  • When a roof has shingle problems, it is likely time to have it replaced. If a roof has a lot of shingle damage or there are massive amounts of shingle granules in the gutters and downspouts, it would be wise for a homeowner to have their roof inspected to see if it needs to be replaced.
  • If the flashings are becoming damaged, a homeowner likely needs to begin considering roof replacement. The flashings are often one of the first areas to become damaged. Checking the flashings is a good place to start to determine how much damage has been done.
  • When a roof is drooping, this means the wooden decking is beginning to rot. A rotting deck is a big danger because it means that area of the roof could end up collapsing at any moment. If a homeowner notices this problem, their roof needs to be replaced right away.
  • Another sign of concern for a roof is plant growth. If a roof has a lot of algae and moss growth, it likely needs to be replaced. Although this plant growth is not dangerous itself, it can lead to moisture being trapped which ends up leading to major water damage.

Call the Professionals

If you have noticed any of the above, call the professionals for a roof inspection right away. The above signs likely mean you need a new roof, especially if there is more than one problem.

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