4 Reasons It’s Smart to Hire a Nurse Companion on Your Next Trip

The number of senior citizens going abroad is now on the rise. Here are some of the reasons for their travel, Senior Outlook Today says:

  • Make new friends
  • Go on an adventure
  • Find a soulmate or life partner

Those three responses top the list of reasons for elderly travel. However, that travel does come with a few concerns and issues. Here’s a look at some of them:


Most people find travel grueling. If you aren’t tromping along fields or gazing at temples and shrines, you’re in a rush to get to and from the airport. That can take a toll on anyone, especially on senior travelers. If you’ve already hit your retirement years and want to make sure you’re comfortable during those flights, you might want to look into hiring a nurse companion for travel. You will be able to face the arduous flights with ease, knowing someone’s looking after your comfort and well-being.


Many seniors take multiple medications several times per day. Taking your prescription medication on time can easily slip your mind, though, if you’re tired from all the travel. Having a companion with medical training will ensure you won’t miss a single dosage of any of your medication.


In case you have an old injury or a wound and you’re still in recovery, you might need assistance dressing the wound during the long flight ahead. Engaging the services of a travel nurse will get you the help and assistance you need on board.


Elderly travelers on a solo trip are often targets of thieves and criminal elements. Don’t make yourself potential prey. By hiring a nurse companion for travel, you can discourage that kind of negative attention easily enough. There is something to the old saying, “Safety in numbers!”

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