4 Reasons You Need a Wills and Estate Lawyer to Write a Will

Writing a will is important for you and your family. When someone dies without a will, the courts get to decide how your assets are distributed. Here are four reasons wills and estates lawyers in Edmonton should help with the preparation of a will.

It Meets Legal Requirements

Writing the actual will isn’t too difficult; however, the legal requirements can be complex. Wills and estates lawyers in Edmonton can ensure it meets the letter of the law, so your assets are divided as you desire.

It Is Accurate

Your will won’t necessarily include all of your property. One example is if you co-own property, you cannot include it in your will. If you are a beneficiary of a trust and it’s to be included in a will, it has to include specific information. Other things like insurance policies can be complex. Experienced wills and estates lawyers can ensure the will has all the details for each transaction.

The Will Is Complete

Will all of your heirs get an equal portion so they won’t challenge the will? Did you forget someone significant? Do you want to exclude stepchildren or a child who accused you of wrongdoing? Do you have children who are minors? Is there a need to provide guardianship? What do you do with debts? Do you have an executor? These and other details need to be included. A legal professional can ensure no important details are overlooked in the will’s preparation.

There Are No Challenges

Wills can be challenged if someone feels properties were distributed unfairly. To prevent contestation, you need to make sure ex-partners or spouses receive their dues. An attorney may recommend stating any challengers forfeit their share. This can help reduce the instances of a contest.

Are you ready to prepare a will? Visit the Edmonton Wills & Estate Lawyers website to speak with an experienced and trusted estate planning attorney who can help.

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