4 Signs You’re Long Overdue for an Oil Change

Changing your engine oil regularly is an essential part of your car maintenance tasks. But it’s easy to forget about oil changes when you’ve got a busy and demanding schedule. If you’re up to your gills in work, keeping an eye out for these signs won’t hurt. As soon as you see any of these happen, make sure to bring your car in for an oil change in Southwest Fort Worth TX.

Black and gritty oil

Over time, dirt, debris and other types of contaminants will get into your engine oil. Since the oil keeps parts lubricated, the presence of these contaminants can slow down engine performance, compromise parts and even result in faster wear in car parts and systems. Regularly check your oil to see if it’s already black and gritty.

Louder noises

Contaminants in the oil increase friction when gears start to rub together. That’s why you keep hearing grinding, squealing or whining issue from your engine. If the sounds are louder than usual, that’s going to mean you’re already low on engine oil. Put in a new batch as soon as you can, says Complex.

Too long in between changes

If you can’t remember the last time you changed the oil, then you’re probably due for an oil change in Southwest Fort Worth TX soon. An easy fix, though? Start recording all your car expenses. That way, you can easily track your oil changes. Set calendar reminders to make sure you know when to go for the service.

Poor oil levels

Low oil levels can also compromise the operational efficiency of your engine system. Make sure there’s enough oil in your engine. Check. If it’s well below normal levels, don’t just top it off. Check out the consistency first. You might need to have the oil changed instead of just topping it off.

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