4 Surprising Benefits of Lift Chair Recliners for Modesto, CA Seniors

A reclining lift chair can be a game changer for aging adults. People who experience chronic hip, back, and leg pain find that something as seemingly simple as rising from a chair is painful and difficult. Lift chair recliners in Modesto, CA, give seniors the freedom of unencumbered movement. Here are four reasons to consider purchasing a lift chair recliner.

1. Safety

Everyday people become injured trying to get in and out of chairs. They might stumble and fall when trying to rise and end up with serious health issues such as broken bones or head injuries. Lift chairs are safe and keep seniors from experiencing injuries when getting in and out of chairs.

2. Easy to Use

Today’s lift chair technology creates a seamless and nearly weightless experience. Lift chairs are operated using remote controls that not only help a senior get out of the chair, but there are settings for tv watching, napping, and lounging.

3. Safe Napping for Respiratory Patients

People living with COPD, lung conditions, and other respiratory issues find that lift chairs benefit them tremendously. The chairs allow them to sleep peacefully in a slightly inclined position, which is ideal for respiratory patients.

4. Customizable and Attractive

Lift chairs can be custom designed to meet the person’s individual style needs. Chairs come in myriad colors and styles to match any home decor from country chic to California modern.

When one is ready to learn more about the benefits and features of lift chair recliners in Modesto, CA, contact Mobility Plus of CA online at https://www.mobilityplusofca.com.

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