4 Things That Always Get Forgotten on Cleaning Day

When you are cleaning your home, chances are that you are really focused on the big mess. The floors, the counter tops, the dust, the appliances – those are all things that are easy to remember. For some, even some of the little things like dusting the tops of picture frames and washing the curtains get remembered. But one of the things we notice when we perform maid services in McKinney is that there are always tiny things that most people forget to clean. That’s where we come in!


Whether it’s your vacuum filter, your air conditioning filter, or the filter in your fridge’s water maker, it’s pretty easy to forget to clean these out. Once you put them in and they start doing their job, they are out of sight and out of mind. Air conditioning filters and water filters usually have to be replaced, but some things, like the vacuum filter, can often be run through the dishwasher on a gentle setting.

Inside the Trash Can

Some people do wash the outside of their trash cans because they can see the grime on the outside. An0d if your trash can gets a stain on the inside, it may get wiped away. But trash cans hold our garbage, and that’s a breeding ground for bacteria. The inside should be sprayed with a cleaner and wiped out regularly.

Air Vent Covers

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, remembering to clean the metal air vent grilles could help you breathe easier. In homes where these are located very high up, consider hiring professional maid services to do this task for you a few times per year. This can help reduce the dust in the home, which means less dusting for you, and an easier time breathing.

Door Knobs, Cabinet Knobs, and Light Switches

Finally, many people forget to clean the things that they touch every single day. The door knobs, cabinet knobs, and light switches are things that often have germs on them simply because of how often we touch them.

Forgetting Things? We Can Help
Executive Touch Cleaning Service, LLC maid services in McKinney are designed to take the stress out of cleaning so you can enjoy your home – not stress over it. To learn how we can help you keep all the little things clean and sanitized.

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