5 Benefits of Upgrades With Payne Air Conditioners

When a residential air conditioner is ten years old or more, it’s time to consider replacement. Though most people know that a new unit will bring them years of comfortable, cool air, not all homeowners know the other benefits of Payne Air Conditioners. From better indoor air quality to lower bills, consider these advantages of an AC upgrade.

Less Energy is Consumed

Air conditioners have become very advanced within the past ten years, which is good in terms of household energy usage. A major advantage of a new AC unit is increased energy efficiency when compared to the old, outdated cooling system. New AC units must have a SEER rating of 15 or more, which substantially reduces the household’s energy consumption.

Lower Utility Costs

With decreased energy consumption comes a lower monthly utility bill. EnergyGuide labeling provides an estimate of the amount of electricity a unit will use during the year, as well as its annual operating cost. Upgrading to a new AC unit can help homeowners save significantly, especially when those savings are multiplied over the system’s lifespan.

Greater Comfort and Cleaner Air

As an air conditioner ages, it may not keep the home as cool as it once did. However, with Payne Air Conditioners, families can look forward to increased comfort and cleaner air. The newest units offer humidity control, air purification, and ventilation that’s more advanced than ever before.


With a new unit, it’s important to make it last as long as possible. Local contractors will recommend units with special finishes, fasteners, and shields that help them withstand even the worst weather.

Additional Options

Older units aren’t always compatible with the newest add-ons and features, but most new models come with a lengthy list of benefits. For example, if a customer wants to invest in a smart thermostat or a zoning system, a new unit will help them do both.

Why Wait? Get Started Today

Whether it’s time to invest in a new air conditioning unit or the research phase is just beginning, the experts can help. Visit Website today or call to schedule a no-obligation evaluation. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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