5 Engine Problems That Indicate the Need for Auto Care Services in Rockville MD

With proper Auto Care Services Rockville MD, today’s vehicles can last for 200,000 miles or more. However, the key is to provide the car with the right services to keep it running and to perform necessary repairs before small issues become bigger problems. To get a vehicle serviced at the right time, it is important to look for the following signs of engine trouble.

Too Much Smoke

If a driver notices an excessive amount of smoke from the tailpipe, it may signal an issue with the engine. In most cases, the nature of the issue can be determined by examining the color of the smoke. A puff of white smoke usually signifies a leak in the cooling system that allows coolant to burn the fuel. Black smoke is a sign that too much fuel burnt in the engine, which may cause overheating or other problems. Blue smoke can indicate that oil is burning with the fuel, meaning the engine may not be receiving sufficient lubrication.


The engine’s moving parts rest on its bearings. Over the miles, bearings become worn because of regular use, but the wear may be accelerated if there is not enough lubrication in the engine. As bearings wear, the engine will produce a knocking noise. Severe knocking may require a rebuild of the engine’s bottom end.

Power Loss

If the driver experiences power losses when accelerating or climbing hills, engine wear is likely to blame. Depending on the issue, the repair may be simple. However, a larger problem can result in the need for an engine replacement or complete rebuild.

“Service Engine Soon” Light

Also known as a “check engine” light, this indicator is a sign of multiple issues-;and not all have to do with the engine. Even if there are no other trouble signs, vehicle owners should always bring the vehicle in for service if the light comes on. By bringing the car in when the light comes on, a driver can prevent a small problem from getting worse.

If any of these signs are present in the vehicle, or if the driver believes there’s another problem not listed, the vehicle owner should make an appointment for Auto Care Services Rockville MD right away. For expert engine repairs, bring the vehicle to Eurowerks. The team of certified techs can find and fix almost any issue on imports and domestic vehicles. Don’t delay-;schedule an appointment today.

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