5 fail-safe keys Turn Sales Losses Into Wins

by | Aug 7, 2013 | Business Services

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Sales Coaching InstituteThey say what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and that we learn from our mistakes. Perhaps it goes to follow that we should be able to take our sales losses and turn them into wins. Here are five fail-safe keys to apply to this theory.

1. Find out who you sold to: You have to constantly check to see who is who you are targeting and get as close to the decision maker as you possibly can. Understanding how you missed the mark will offer insight into the importance of taking extra effort to meet with the right person.

2. Review the sales technique: Make sure that when you don’t make a sale you explore the technique being used.  Comparing techniques will help you understand why you can’t seem to seal the deal.

3. Always arrange for a debrief: If you let prospects know up front you would like to arrange for a debrief once they have made their decision they will be expecting to hear from you whether they make the purchase or not. Allowing the prospect to know up front that your company’s policy is to arrange for a debrief gives a little insight into how your business is run and the importance of meeting the client’s needs are always top of mind.

4. Don’t debrief when they give you the news: When you are told you did not get the sale accept their answer and do not try to find out the issues right at that moment. Instead ask them for 15 minutes to do a quick debrief the following week. This will let them know your purpose is not to try to sell them again but to discover why they did not go with your business.

5. Follow these steps at the debrief:
* Prepare a questionnaire used for all debriefs for consistent information.
* Ask the questions, apologize if necessary, but never try to debate their perception of   the process.
* Probe when answers are unclear so you walk away with the information you need to succeed the next time.

Using these tips will give you the insight you need to succeed with future prospects.

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