5 Items in Your Nail Spa Inventory Checklist

Interested in running your own nail spa service? It’s not all about buying your nail supplies online. Here are a few others suggestions from E-how on what your inventory should include:

1. Be ready with a full-range of implements. What kinds of implements do you need in order to cover all the services you provide? When you figure those out, draw up a list. Include tools you’ll need — from cuticle nippers and pushers to nail buffers, brushes and brush cleaners. The more tools you have, the more services you can offer your clients.

2. Take sanitation seriously. Your tools must be thoroughly sanitized before and after every use. Make sure to check out state regulations on how you should sanitize your reusable implements to get it done properly. Your Material Safety Data Sheets should include all the necessary information about your cleaning tools and expenses. This should cover all the sanitization tools and products you use, from hand sanitizers to germicidal cabinets and everything else in between.

3. Get plenty of nail polishes. Plenty of people want their nails done. That’s one of the reasons why nail spa services are so popular. Some go for it once or twice every few months while others can’t live without their weekly pedi or mani sessions. Whichever type of clientele you’ve got, it’s always better to have a full inventory of nail polishes than have to run out at the last minute. Most customers go for nail treatments that include the use of nail polish. It’s a good thing you can buy nail supplies online, with plenty of sites offering wholesale prices.

4. Be creative with art supplies. Nail art isn’t limited to expensive glitters or design templates. You can create your own designs with art supplies from your local department store. Just make sure they’re safe to use. If you’ve got some talent with a brush, a flare for artistic designs and a creative way of turning ordinary art supplies into wonderful nail art tools, pay a visit to the nearest art shop or department store now. Start exploring the many ways you could reinvent those ordinary art supplies into tools for your nail spa service.

5. Have lotions handy. Pamper your customers by providing them with a full service manicure and pedicure that includes a massage. Stock up on oils, lotions, and creams. Some of your clients will have sensitive skin so make sure those lotions and creams come in scent-free variations.

If you’ve got plans to start a spa service, this checklist can help you start planning for your inventory needs.

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