5 Questions to Ask a Sports Physical Therapist in Bala Cynwyd PA

For active sports players or those that have at least played a sports game, injuries are part of the rules. It might not necessarily be an injury on the field but also during a strenuous workout that brought in a wave of pain. With such an injury, the next process is to look for a sports therapy specialist who can offer quality and efficient services that are convenient for the patient’s needs. The process of finding a suitable therapist may take longer than expected. However, the below questions posed on a therapist can help a client gain quality and speedy services from a Sports Physical Therapist in Bala Cynwyd PA.

What kinds of therapy does the sports therapist specialize?

Therapy has different types including sports, orthopedics, cardiovascular, geriatrics, among others. Sports therapist or orthopedic specializes in clients with skeletal and muscular pains and injuries. They can, therefore, use their knowledge, therapy techniques and exercises to bring recovery to a patient.

What kinds of conditions and injuries do they have experience?

A sports therapist who has vast experience in a particular condition that a client has can speed the process of healing. They normally have the best ideas of exercises that will provide greatest results with the least number of visits.

What kinds of insurance covers do they accept?

Patients need to understand the extent of their insurance covers and the services they need to receive from a therapist. Sometimes the insurance might have certain limitations in the number of visits or which therapist to visit. Checking this before beginning any sessions can prevent using more cash from one’s pocket.

How much time is a client given per appointment?

Some therapy sessions can range from 30min, 45min, or 1 hour. Some clinics will begin with physical therapy and conclude with a physical therapy assistant. If the therapist is not conscious of a client’s goals and has unlicensed therapy aides, it’s time to consider elsewhere.

How many times will passive treatment be used?

These treatments include ultrasound, laser therapy, and electrical stimulations. These should only be used to a small extent. If a clinic significantly relies on these, move to a different provider.

These are some of the questions to ask for a smooth and healthy process. Visit Weinermanpainandwellness.com for an expert Sports Physical Therapist in Bala Cynwyd PA.

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