5 Signs It’s Time to See a Periodontist

Most of us know that we need to see a dentist regularly. Every six to twelve months, it’s important to get a dental check-up. However, far fewer people know when the right time to visit a periodontist is – or even what these professionals do. Here are a few signs its time for you to learn exactly what your local periodontist offers:

Markers of Gum Disease

Periodontists primarily address gum disease, which can lead to many other issues. If you have red, swollen, tender, or thinning gums – exposing an increasing amount of tooth – then it’s time to have your whole mouth checked.

Temperature Sensitivity

Contrary to what sensitivity toothpaste retailers may want you to believe, extreme sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures in the teeth is not normal. This can be indicative of a deeper, more serious issue.

Eating is Painful

Eating should never hurt. If you find that eating – regardless of food temperature, texture, etc. – is painful, you may have a serious oral health condition that needs prompt treatment.

You’re a Former Smoker

People who used to smoke are at greater risk of oral cancers, tooth and gum disease and decay, and many other oral health conditions. Former smokers should consider visiting a periodontist to determine their risk factors.

If you’re a current smoker, your periodontist – and any medical professional you speak to – will encourage you to consider quitting for the sake of both your oral and your overall health.

You’ve Never Been to a Periodontist

If you began reading this article not knowing what a periodontist was, this one’s for you. More than a third of all American adults never see a periodontist – and many of these people also suffer from one or more of the aforementioned oral health conditions.

If these descriptions sound like you, it’s time to see your Oak Brook, periodontist. Schedule an appointment with your local periodontist today and see just how much better your mouth can feel with the right specialized attention.

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