5 Steps to Sell Your Second-Hand Car

If your car lurches to the side, often breaks down and is held together by spit and prayers, then think about selling your old ride. Haven’t done this before? Worry not. The process is easy and shouldn’t give you any problems.


Start with research. Find out if there are companies around that buy used cars in Houston TX. Once you find them, make up a list. That should help you go through your options with ease.

Know how much

Find out how much your car is worth before you decide to bring it to the buyer. Don’t step into the buyer’s lot until you know the amount. That’s going to give you negotiating power. If you don’t know, you could end up getting scammed.

Prepare the paperwork

If you already have plans to sell your ride, then gather all the documents you need. Having them all ready when you check out companies that buy used cars in Houston TX should expedite the process tremendously. These documents will include the title of the car, maintenance records, release of liability, bill of sale and warranty documents, the DMV says.

Clean up

A clean vehicle will make a good impression on the buyer and will allow you to negotiate a higher price. Take the time to wash the windows, wipe off the grime and dirt from the car’s body and even vacuum the floor, trunk and seats for good measure. These can do a lot to raise the value of your car.

Do your homework

When you finally pick a company to buy your ride, check out as much information as you can about the firm. You’ll want to scroll through reviews online for more insight into the company. That way, you’ll know if you’re dealing with a legit buyer or not.

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