5 Tips on How to Rent a Moving Truck

Need to rent a moving truck in Natchitoches? Whether you’re moving locally, or you’re heading to another town, a moving truck allows you to move on your own schedule and can save you a great deal of money over hiring a moving company. Of course, you’ll need to know a few things about a successful moving truck rental first.

Choose the Right Size

First, make sure you choose the right size moving truck. They’re measured in linear feet – if you’re not entirely sure how large a truck you need, opt for one size bigger than you think absolutely necessary to make sure you have the room needed.

Make Sure You Can Drive It

While most moving trucks operate no different from your average vehicle, other than the size and configuration, some do. These are generally large moving trucks designed for moving an entire household worth of furniture and possessions. Often, these are diesel trucks and operate differently from gas-engine vehicles.

Compare Rates

When it comes to finding the right moving truck rental, you need to compare rates several times. There are many moving companies, and their rates vary dramatically even for the same size truck.

Consider Moving Insurance

It might seem like an unnecessary expense, but moving insurance can be a very good thing to have. You should also consider buying the additional insurance offered by the truck rental company. Ultimately, insurance protects you from higher costs should something go wrong. While it’s hoped that nothing does go wrong, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Be Prepared for a Full Load

You should be prepared for how the moving truck will handle once you have it loaded down with furniture and boxes. It will likely react more sluggishly, and accelerate more slowly. The best advice is to take things slowly until you are used to driving it with a load. Even then, avoid the urge to take turns too sharply, and watch out for low-hanging obstructions.

These are just a few of the tips you should follow when finding a moving truck rental. Other important considerations include ensuring that you have access to moving equipment so you don’t injure yourself, making sure you have all the boxes and packing material you’ll need, and giving yourself plenty of time to make the move. Follow these tips, and you’ll find that moving is a simpler process than you might expect.

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