5 Ways to a Healthy and Safe Drug Detox Experience

Detoxing your body from drugs is the first step towards sobriety and recovery. Here are tips to help you along:


It’s important that your body is in tip top shape when you undergo detoxification and rehab. This will help flush out the drugs from your system, says Livestrong. In addition, being healthy can lessen the harmful effects of the symptoms on your body.

Get help

Depending on the extent of your dependency on the drug, you might end up experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. That’s why a medically-assisted detox in Sacramento is a smart and prudent choice. Not only will you be safer, with experienced doctors and staff members at hand to look after your health and well-being, you will also be much more comfortable. If you’ve ever heard anyone talk about their experience with detox, you’ll know that many suffer through a rough and brutal time, especially when the withdrawal symptoms kick in. With professional help, you can reduce the discomfort you’ll feel.

Pick the right one

Not all treatment centers provide medical assistance for detox in Sacramento so you’ll want to check that detail out before you choose a facility.

Think about distance

Some patients appreciate the convenience and ease of choosing a treatment facility that’s near to where they live or just a short drive away from where they work. However, some would rather travel for a bit to get treatment at a facility that’s well suited to their needs. Others travel simply because they would rather distance themselves from their previous situations or environments that might have contributed to the addiction in the first place. Given these considerations, you’ll want to carefully consider your options before you pick a facility.

Check out the program

Is the program right for you? Does it encourage support and participation from families and friends? Do you see yourself engaging in the techniques and practices they teach to help you manage your addiction after rehab and treatment? Find out.

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