94 Floors Up for a Breathtaking View of the Chicago, the Windy City

Look no further than 360 CHICAGO when you want the best observation deck near Chicago. Each direction offers views that will take your breath away. This spot must top your list of places to visit whether in Chicago for a quick weekend or you live there all year long.

Views from 1,000 Feet Up

Whichever direction you look from atop the 94th floor of this Michigan Ave. skyscraper will give you chills. Every time of day offers a view the likes of which you will never see again. Sunset is one of the loveliest times to visit. A daytime view of the water’s edge of Lake Michigan will remind you of a travel magazine. The Chicago skyline out one window and fireworks out another will make you wish you could stay all night.

What to Do Once You Get to the Top

It is not just gazing out the windows that will keep you entertained at the best observation deck near Chicago. Admire the city lights as you relax at Bar 94 with a specialty cocktail or a beer crafted right there in Chi Town. You might fancy a yoga class overlooking the view. Just breathe. Brave ones among you might want to visit Tilt where you lean against highly fortified glass for a mind-blowing experience that will make you feel almost like you are flying.

Looking around from 94 floors up might give you some ideas of other adventures you want to take around the city. Your staycation or vacation must include 360 CHICAGO and the beautiful views it encompasses. Get your tickets today and experience Chicago at its most amazing.

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