A Bail Bondsman in Grapevine TX Assists Men and Women Charged With Felony DWI

People charged with driving while intoxicated usually are not required to pay bail for release from jail. They either stay in jail until they sober up or until a sober friend or relative picks them up. In some instances, however, DWI is a felony charge, and bail may be required. A bail Bondsman in Grapevine TX can help if the defendant cannot afford cash bail.

Felony DWI

A first-time DWI offense in Texas is a misdemeanor as long as there are no aggravating circumstances, such as causing an accident that results in someone else’s injury. The charge also becomes a felony when the individual is a repeat offender within 10 years. If a child of 13 years of age or younger is in the car with a drunk driver, the prosecuting attorney may issue a charge of felony child endangerment in addition to the DWI charge.

After police stop a driver for suspicion of drunk driving, they also might spot marijuana or other illegal drugs in the car. This gives them the right to search the vehicle. Now, the driver also faces drug possession charges.

Bail Amounts and Bond Fees

The amount of bail set depends on the county. Typically, bail schedules are in place so judges do not have to make rulings on DWI bail. A first offense DWI felony charge in some counties comes with a bail requirement of $10,000. That is out of reach for many men and women. A bail Bondsman in Grapevine TX may charge a fee of only 10 percent of the cash bail to post a surety bond to the court. The $1,000 amount is much easier to pay than 10 times that amount. In addition, the defendant or someone in the family might be willing to put the bond fee on a credit card.

Once the defendant has received help from an organization like Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds, he or she is released from jail and can return to work. This person now is better able to find a lawyer for defense, which can be imperative for preventing the worst consequences associated with a felony DWI conviction and any additional charges.

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