A Bicycle Accident Injury Law Attorney in Belleville, IL Represents Clients During Claim Disputes

When the driver of a vehicle hits somebody on a bicycle, it’s a scary occurrence for both of these people. Hitting a bicyclist while traveling just 5 or 10 miles per hour can cause serious injuries to that person. The injured individual may need to hire a bicycle accident injury law attorney in Belleville, IL if the automotive insurer disputes the claim, perhaps by insisting that the cyclist was at fault.

Relevant Statistics

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that of all bicycling-related injuries in a given year, 29% occur because a car hit the bike. Most of the rest are generally connected with something a cyclist did in error or coming upon a rough patch on the road. A small number are caused by dogs running out in front or toward the bike.

More Common Types of Collisions

Some of the more common types of collisions occur when a cyclist is legally riding along the side of the highway. Others involve the bicyclist legally riding across a crosswalk with the green light and being struck when a driver turns. The driver may have been inattentive or may have miscalculated how close the car was to the bike.

Who Is at Fault?

How can an insurance company claim the bicyclist was at fault? One example is when the cyclist was found to have a blood-alcohol level higher than the legal limit for driving. The cyclist may have been traveling at night. The insurance adjusters may argue that the biker did not have the appropriate amount of bike lighting and reflective gear to alert vehicle drivers of their presence. A bicycle accident injury law attorney in Belleville, IL may be necessary to build a case in favor of the plaintiff.

A case can also be complicated when the collisions happen on private property. If a vehicle driver hits a bicyclist in a parking lot, the insurer might say the property owner is liable. If the parking lot had clearly defined bike lanes and crosswalks, the accident would not have happened. An injured cyclist can get more information on how to proceed with an organization like the Law Office of Keith Short.

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