A Breakdown of the Laws and Regulations Regarding a Driver License in IL

There are specific laws and regulations involved in the reinstatement of someone’s driving privileges. Driving privileges may be lost because of various reasons. They include:

• Refusing to obey traffic stop

• Driving on a suspended license

• Excessive tickets

The requirements for having driving privileges reinstated may vary depending on the state and reason for the first suspension.


According to the law, after driving rights have been suspended, they are not reinstated automatically.

The driver must appeal for reinstatement. The case can either be an administrative matter or a case that will require the services of a court. For a successful Illinois driver’s license reinstatement, it’s essential to check with your home department of vehicles for more information.

Permanent Suspensions

Your Illinois driver’s license reinstatement is not denied permanently, you ought to be careful. The loss of a driving license can be permanent. It would be best if you always remembered that driving is a privilege.

It’s not a right as others perceive it. Being a privilege, it can be taken away anytime with no guarantee of return.

Some cases leave the court with no choice other than to suspend the license permanently. Some of the reasons that can have your driving privileges suspended permanently include;

• Vehicle manslaughter convictions

• Repeated DUI convictions

• Cases that involve negligence when driving a motor vehicle

If you engage in these violations, it is exceptionally challenging to have your driving privileges reinstated.

Johnson & Goldrich, PC law firm note that driving is not just a privilege but a necessity. The firm focuses on helping individuals in having their driving licenses reinstated. For more information and bookings, contact them.

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