A Brief Guide To Flanks Lipolysis In Wailea

In Hawaii, women and men who are hoping to eliminate unwanted fat quickly turn to cosmetic surgeons for help. Several non-invasive treatment options are available to address fat deposits. The Flanks Lipolysis in Wailea is a popular choice for individuals who just need a little extra help. A local clinician performs the procedure for hopeful candidates now.

What is the Procedure?

The lipolysis procedure involves the use of an applicator to infuse laser energy into unwanted fat deposits. The treatment offers targeted fat removal. After the energy is delivered to the fat deposits, the fat breaks down and is eliminated from the body naturally. The most common areas treated with the procedure are the flanks and abdomen.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for the Procedure?

Anyone who is at least eighteen years old and wants to eliminate troublesome fat deposits. However, the treatment is not for patients who have loose skin or fat deposits that are found deep within the core. The treatment was created to manage surface deposits that develop due to a lack of exercise.

Is the Patient Sedated?

No, the procedure is completed without anesthesia. It won’t cause any pain during the treatment. Patients may feel some heat from the applicator, but it isn’t hot enough to cause burns or irritation. Patients who want to schedule the procedure can complete the treatment during their lunch hour. It doesn’t require any downtime at all. The treatment area may become tender and swell within an hour of the procedure, but an over-the-counter pain medication remedies any discomfort experienced.

How Long Does It Take?

The clinician evaluates the target area and determines if the treatment is right for the patient. The area is marked, and the clinician uses the applicator to complete the procedure. It is over within thirty minutes. The patient can resume their normal daily activities after the procedure.

In Hawaii, women and men who want to manage fat cells and deposits turn to cosmetic clinicians for answers. The clinicians provide a variety of services that are effective and fast. Patients who want to schedule an appointment for flanks lipolysis in Wailea can click here now.

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