A Couple of Options When it Comes to Funerals in Palm Springs, CA

When a loved one passes away, different arrangements must be made in a very short amount of time. As expected, this is usually very difficult for the family. Often times, death happens unexpectedly. The family is left with a lot of grief and other emotions. Fortunately, funeral directors are very supportive and knowledgeable, and they can help guide the family while making the different decisions of the deceased final resting place. Funerals in Palm Springs CA offer traditional casket burial as well as cremation services. More people choose cremation over burial services for a few reasons.

Different Factors When Choosing Cremation Over A Casket Burial

Choosing cremation allows the family of the deceased to have their ashes. Many put those ashes in an urn and place it in a special room in their home. Other times, the ashes are scattered in a place that held great meaning to the deceased.

Casket burials are much more expensive. The casket alone costs several thousand dollars. Unfortunately, many families cannot afford traditional burials. Cremation services can cost a couple thousand. However, there are now other options to add to cremation that will increase the price. These options are not necessary but are available if the family chooses them.

Burial Versus Cremation Services

Burial is very different than cremation. Both options allow enough time to celebrate the deceased life. Traditional Funerals in Palm Springs CA includes the options of caskets, pallbearers, gravesites, and headstones. Flowers are also another aspect that tends to increase the price as well as headstones. Some families choose cremation as symbolism. That way, if they relocate to another city or state, they are able to take the deceased with them.

There are many reasons why families choose cremation over burial. Many times, it is because of financial reasons. Yet, at other times, the deceased may have had it in their will or the family preferred it that way. Regardless of what type of service is chosen, both will honor and celebrate the deceased person’s life in a very special and fitting way. Death is inevitable but never gets easy for the ones left behind.

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