A Criminal Defense Lawyer In Clarksville Is Trained To Protect Your Rights

The essence of the legal system in the United States is that it is adversarial. A prosecutor and a defense attorney come into the room, and each one presents a version of events that is designed to be persuasive. Depending on who is more convincing, a judge and jury can then determine what is going to happen. Because of the structure of the system, it is critical that you have the strongest person on your side that you can get. No matter what the nature of your case, you need the protection of a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Clarksville.

When you have a lawyer on your side, the protection he can provide extends to a variety of situations. When the police want to ask you a few questions, for example, the right answer is always to insist that you will only talk with your lawyer present to advise you on what it is all right to answer. Even if you are absolutely innocent and eager to share your story, an attorney can help to make sure that you don’t accidentally say anything that could appear to be incriminating. He can also make sure that your rights are observed in general during questioning.

If you have been charged with a crime, your need for an attorney is even more profound. Sometimes the prosecution will bring charges that they know they have little chance of proving, because they want to intimidate you into accepting a deal that involves pleading guilty to a lesser charge. If you don’t have someone on your side who understands these things and who can objectively assess the case and what you are facing, you will be in a very bad position to make any decisions about what you should do and what kind of agreements are to your advantage.

Don’t try to deal with the authorities alone, especially if you are innocent. While no one wants innocent people to go to jail, our system is designed in a way that calls on the authorities to focus more on how they can get people convicted than on discovering the truth. You need to bring a lawyer into the situation who is purely in it to protect you.


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