A Disability Lawyer in Charlotte Understands Why Many Claims Are Denied

The Social Security Administration (SSA) only approves 25% to 30% of applications for disability benefits. A common reason for claim denial is applicants making errors in the complicated forms or sending incomplete paperwork. Another is applicants not proving long-term disability with medical documentation. Individuals who hire a disability lawyer in Charlotte to help with the forms increase the chances of success.

Two Considerations

After denial of a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), someone might believe the SSA tries to avoid approving people who deserve these benefits. Actually, the agency wants to prevent fraud and only approve applicants who truly can no longer work full-time.

Intentional SSDI fraud is rare. More common are men and women who don’t realize they can still earn a living. A reduction in physical abilities has left them unable to do jobs in which they have experience or others they have previously considered. However, retraining could allow them to seek new opportunities.

That mindset can be difficult for individuals who feel anxious, depressed, and defeated about their situation. The idea of changing occupations, particularly if the person has reached middle age, may seem overwhelming. Yet approving applicants who can work full-time wastes taxpayer money.

Medical Documentation

A disability lawyer in Charlotte knows the kind of medical documentation necessary to convince SSA agents to approve claims. For example, a person dealing with chronic back pain may no longer be able to do physical labor. A job requiring a great deal of standing or sitting can be problematic as well, though. The SSA representatives need to understand why, and that information must be provided by a physician. A free initial consultation can be requested by visiting Collins Price, PLLC


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