A Few Things to Think About While Designing a Landscape in Durham, CT

Truly stunning professional landscaping requires more than keeping the grass mowed and throwing a few wildflower seeds in the ground around the fence lines. Finding a company that can work with clients to create innovative and well-integrated landscape designs is only the first step. Next, property owners will have to consider exactly what unique specifications they want to bring to the table when consulting a landscape designer. Below are some Landscape Ideas in Durham CT to help get the brainstorming started.

Consider Placement of Hardscape Elements

Hardscaping refers to things like pergolas, gazebos, outdoor kitchens, and pools. These elements are permanently placed where they were built, so they’ll have to be adequately considered and incorporated into the landscape. Think about where these elements are located in relationship to each other and whether they could be complimented by the addition of patios, walkways, or well-placed flower or garden beds.

Edible Landscaping

The incorporation of fruit-bearing bushes, trees, and shrubs into landscape designs has been growing in popularity over recent years. Often fruit bearing plants can produce flowers just as incredible in appearance as their strictly ornamental counterparts but come with the advantage of also providing a source of delicious fresh berries or other fruit.

Keep Plant Hardiness Zones in Mind

As wonderful as a citrus tree would look and smell out by the back porch, it’s just not going to happen for some people. Different plants require different growing conditions, and Madison Earth Care is firmly entrenched in the USDA Hardiness Zone 6a. Luckily for property owners, there are a wide variety of both flowering and edible trees, bushes, and perennials that grow and thrive in this climate. It’s just a matter of choosing the right ones and remaining realistic about expectations.

Location, Location, Location

Particularly when it comes to trees, placement is extremely important. Depending on what species is chosen, any given tree may grow to be quite large and, in many cases, this growth can happen more quickly than homeowners expect. This can be helpful in providing shade and privacy, but it can also eventually grow into a danger to surrounding structures, power lines, or other vegetation if not properly controlled.

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