A Few Tips to Help Kansas Residents Save Money When Purchasing Cattle Feed

by | Feb 14, 2022 | Business

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It is likely that you want a good balance of saving money when purchasing cattle feed and getting a quality product. Here are a few things you should know to help you save money on high-quality cattle feed.

You must know the nutritional requirements of cows. They have different requirements throughout their life. For example, a calf is not growing much during mid-gestation, which means they need less nutrition. However, their growth starts to pick up in the late days of gestation. Also, there are higher nutritional needs during the early days of lactation.

It is important for you to choose the cattle feed in Seneca KS carefully. You want the best value hay. The price you will be charged is based on its total digestible nutrients and crude protein. Knowing this will help you get the best deal.

Many reduce winter feeding costs by allowing cattle to graze on corn stocks. This allows them to eat selectively. They are able to choose the best parts of the corn residue. However, when the stocks are baled, they don’t have that option. You need to know when it is appropriate to provide supplemental vitamins and feed.

Feeding in a bunk usually makes more sense when it comes to reducing waste. If you are in a position to feed your cattle in a bunk, you will save money.