A Girl’s Guide To Concealed Carry Handbags

Concealed carry handbags are a fashionable way to carry a firearm off-body but still keep it concealed and close at hand. With the rise of gun ownership, especially among women, there are more options than ever before for concealed carry handbags. The decision to carry a gun off-body is a personal one, and may not be right for every woman in every situation. Still, there is no denying that in certain circumstances this is the ideal way to carry one’s gun. When making the decision about which type of concealed carry purse to buy, there are a number of things to keep in mind.

Purse Style

The first factor to consider is which hand the woman will use to draw the firearm. Women who are right-handed will need to carry the handbag on their left shoulder, and women who are left-handed will need to carry the handbag on their right shoulder. The purses will indicate which hand they are ideal for, and there are an increasing number of ambidextrous purses on the market.

Another thing to keep in mind is whether or not wearing the purse cross-body is preferred. Some women prefer a cross-body purse, while others prefer an over the shoulder style of handbag. Gun safety instructors often recommend the cross-body style, to reduce the likelihood of the purse being snatched. Others recommend the over the shoulder style if the particular bag gives easier access to the gun compartment that way. Consider which style would be more comfortable before purchasing.

Gun Compartment

The gun compartment should be located within easy reach, and are typically in the middle of the purse, with an opening at the end. Select a style that has an opening wide enough to accommodate a hand and the gun, and be sure the compartment is large enough to fit the holster. In addition, consider the way the compartment opens. Some have velcro while others will have a zipper or eye and hook style opening. There’s no best style, so select one that works best depending on lifestyle and aesthetics. Remember that absolutely nothing else except the gun should ever be in that compartment.


Size does matter, especially when it comes to handbags. Smaller purses will typically have a  much smaller gun compartment, allowing for only small firearms to be present. The benefit to a larger handbag is that a larger gun and holster can fit. There is one drawback to larger bags, and that’s the temptation to fill the bag with many items, weighing it down even more. When picking a concealed carry bag, keep the size of the gun in mind, as well as the weight of any items that will permanently live in the purse.

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