A Plumber in Fairfax VA Can Replace an Old Toilet With a Toilet-Bidet Combination

The toilet feature known as a bidet is very uncommon in the United States, although it’s prevalent in many other parts of the world. Global travelers who come to this country may feel like it’s difficult to get clean without the little jet of water that characterizes a bidet. A plumber in Fairfax, VA can replace a home’s toilet with one that includes this helpful feature.

Types and Function

A bidet comes either as a stand-alone device or built right into a toilet. Most people prefer the combination toilet-bidet since it’s more convenient and doesn’t require extra space in the bathroom. Upon someone pushing a button, a comfortably warm stream of water emerges from the device and is used for personal hygiene.

Additional Features

Some of the more luxurious toilets that can be installed by a plumber in Fairfax, VA come not only with the bidet but with other high-end features. A heated seat feels fantastic on chilly days. A warm air dryer means very little toilet paper use. Night lights and built-in deodorizers can be included.

People who are squeamish about touching any part of the toilet may want a model that flushes automatically after the person leaves the seat. These are becoming increasingly common in commercial and institutional settings. The power doesn’t have to be as dramatic in the residential environment, however.

Money-Saving Aspects

Once the bidet is installed by a company such as All Plumbing, Inc., the household should start saving money on toilet paper and sanitary wipes. A little paper will be needed for drying if the toilet doesn’t include an air dryer, but a family of four should still be able to buy substantially less toilet paper. Using less paper and no wipes also greatly reduce the chance that the toilet will back up or a sewer line blockage will occur.

Research has found that someone who is home most of the day throughout a normal week will only use about one gallon of water with the bidet, so extra water use is minimal. Visit the website AllPlumbing.com to find contact information for scheduling this type of project.

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