A Simple Review of the Jabra Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Many people put on their headphones, turn on their portable music devices and listen to music or radio during a workout. However, with the introduction of Bluetooth earphones into a stereo headset, you can not only listen to music while working out, but you don’t have to worry about missing phone calls as well. The jabra bluetooth stereo headset, gives people who are working out the opportunity to both listen to music and stay in contact with friend, family and coworkers while getting a much needed workout.

The jabra bluetooth stereo headset offers a wide range of features. The main feature is the Bluetooth compatibility so that you can make or receive phone calls hands free, but in addition to that, it also comes with a stereo headset for listening to music. The design of the headset is a behind the ears fastener, which makes for a more secure and comfortable fit rather than ear buds that can be uncomfortable and fall out during strenuous exercises.

In addition, this Bluetooth stereo headset is extremely rugged. It was built specifically for people who want to listen to music and make or take phone calls during the workout. Whether that workout is outdoors or in a gym, the designers of this headset constructed this Bluetooth device to take a great deal of punishment.

In addition to being extremely rugged, this headset is also built especially to be resistant to dirt and dust and, most importantly, water. If you get caught in the rain during an outside run, walk or bike ride, you don’t have to worry about protecting your headset. In addition, sweating can also be very detrimental to standard headphones. These headphones were designed not only to be water resistant for rain but it’s resistant to sweat as well.

If you’re looking for a way to stay in contact and not miss those important phone calls, but you still want to have the ability to listen to music while working out, this particular Bluetooth headset is the perfect option. It offers you a stereo configuration that is different than most Bluetooth devices, and offers you a rugged design that will be able to handle the most inclement weather or intense workouts.

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