A Variety of Flooring for your San Antonio Home

by | Sep 10, 2015 | Business and Economy

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Flooring in San Antonio can come in a wide range of styles and materials to suit every interest in décor. Whether you are looking for slate flooring or want to go with the always popular hardwood, there is a huge collection of options you can consider when remodeling your home or flooring a new addition. To some people, each room has a “standard” type of flooring that works best, such as bathrooms are typically tile and bedrooms are often carpeted, but with such a diverse list of options available, you may decide to branch away from the norm and try something new and eclectic to reflect on your personal styles.

The Classic Hardwood Floor

It’s hard to argue the timeless class and breathtaking beauty provided by polished hardwood floors. Over the years, many fine luxury homes have made use of a wide range of wood types to give their home a naturally beautiful look. Each wood and the way it is prepared can bring a large number of variants, so no two floors are identical, even if they use the same type of wood. Growth rings and designs inside the wood, as well as the different depths of color from a light oak to a dark cherry, can complement your interior décor in a number of unique ways. Once you find the perfect shade and wood type, you are sure to enjoy your hardwood flooring for many years to come.

Natural Stone Tiles

A large number of homes have some sort of natural stone included in their interior décor. It may be the marble countertops, or could be a natural sandstone floor in the bathroom. Over the years, more and more designers have adjusted natural stone flooring to look stylish as well as providing a feel of the outdoors for the owner. Additionally, a large number of luxury remodels are opting for certain types of all-natural slate or river stone in the shower which provides a unique massage to your feet as you are standing within. It also provides a natural pumice to keep your feet smooth, soft and healthy. Some homes have even gone further with this idea and used the same pumice type stone along the entire wall of the shower, providing a natural waterfall-kissed area for you to massage or scrub your back. Natural stone is an ecological friendly option to a wide number of artificial materials and could be the perfect addition to your Green home.

With so many amazing choices provided by Shaw Company Remodeling, finding the right flooring in San Antonio for your home remodeling project may be the hardest decision for you!