ABC of Glass tinting New London

Despite the presence of many DIY tinting sites, glass tinting is one of those procedures that require a professional’s touch for excellent results. DIY tinting usually never looks as good as a professionally installed tint. Glass tinting, New London shops use top quality water based glues to stick the tint film on a clean inner glass surface. Just immediately after installation, you may notice water or swirling on the inside part of the window. However, there is no cause for alarm as this will eventually go away as the tint film dries up over time.

Modern tint film is scratch resistant. This means that if you happen to bump the seatbelt accidentally against the glass when exiting the car, there is no noticeable damage. However, it is better to be safe than sorry. Always exercise caution when exiting to avoid bumping the film with the seatbelt metal since it is still fragile and excessive force may scratch it after all. Different states have different tint laws. The laws ensure that car owners do not black out their windows all in the name of glass tinting. Glass tinting, New London operates under Connecticut laws and as such, the maximum allowable darkness level is 35 percent.

The door window tints have a maximum allowable darkness level of 21 percent while the rear windows have a limit of 27 percent for most cars. There are a couple of different color shades and darkness level to choose. Personal preference dictates the type of color shade that you choose. However, the darkness level depends on the driver’s safety as well as the legality issues as mentioned above. Glass tinting is usually an extra addition for your car especially if it was not in the original factory look. Professional installers in New London have the capacity to impart a classy and elegant look to your car with a tint film.

Reputable glass tinting, New London shops will advise against installing dark tint on both the front and rear windows. If possible, go with a lighter front window tint and a darker rear window tint. This strategy will help you avoid trouble with the law enforcers as the car takes on a factory tint look.

Immediately after the tinting is over, there may be minor imperfections such as dust specs and bubbling. Bubbling may be an indication of numerous glass anomalies such as an old tint film that requires replacement, improper tint cutting and attachment and use of excessive glue. If your new tint has a grainy white appearance, the factory dot matrix pattern on the glass is to blame. Most tint installers will quickly sand this pattern off to facilitate the proper sticking of the tint film. However, if the tint looks awesome some four feet away, then it will most probably outlive your car.

Glass tinting in New London will take you through the tinting process in a professional manner. Please visit Tint Master for more details and information on glass tinting.

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