Accident Lawyers in Tucson Represent Clients Dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress

Mental health has distinct effects on physical, emotional, social and financial wellness. When someone has suffered serious psychological trauma because of a vehicle collision or another incident caused by another person’s negligence, it can be difficult to function well in everyday life. Accident lawyers in Tucson help clients receive financial compensation when experts verify their level of emotional trauma qualifies as post-traumatic stress, or PTS.

Post-Traumatic Stress and Accidents

Insurance companies can be skeptical as to whether an injured person has actually developed a debilitating mental health issue due to an accident. That’s why authoritative documentation is needed from the person’s own medical doctor overseeing the physical recovery, along with documentation from a psychiatrist or seasoned psychologist. The American Academy of Family Physicians estimates that about nine percent of people who have survived serious accidents develop significant symptoms related to PTS.


The signs of emotional trauma can manifest in behavior, but they aren’t diagnosed the way physical disorders are. Insurers cannot dispute that a bone has been fractured, but they can very well wonder if a person’s psychological symptoms are real. They may also question whether the emotional stress is due to some other factor, and they may seek out evidence of that.

Insurers Seek to Prevent Fraud

Although this can make the injured person angry and frustrated, insurance adjusters must make sure they aren’t paying out money for fraudulent claims. Accident lawyers in Tucson will cooperate fully with their requests for verification, and may include statements from the client’s work supervisor, co-workers, family members and others who can attest to the noticeable changes in behavior and mood since the accident.

Uses for Compensation

Compensation for PTS may be applied to psychological or psychiatric counseling, along with prescription medication for anxiety and depression. It can help make up for lost income if the individual cannot work for a period of time, or needs to transition to a different work environment that does not provoke anxiety and fear. Attorneys with a firm such as Price & Price Law determine an amount of financial compensation that would be fair and negotiate with the insurer for a successful outcome.

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