Adding Attic Insulation in Estero, FL Reduces Energy Bills

You can buy an energy-efficient heating and cooling system believing that you will save on your energy bills. However, if you want to realize the full benefits of the system, you also need to make sure that your home, specifically the attic, is insulated.

Therefore, if you want to save money on your utilities and enhance the indoor air quality in your home, you need to add attic insulation in Estero, FL. By taking this approach, you will also ease any operational burdens on your HVAC system. By adding insulation, you will prevent heat from accessing your attic, thereby ensuring that the indoor air remains cooler for a longer time.

Reviewing the R-Values

Any home that does not contain attic insulation will suffer when it comes to utility usage. What you choose in an insulation will also affect your energy consumption. The quality of an insulation is measured by its R-value or R rating. The higher the R-value, the more you can save on your utilities.

For example, if you install attic insulation with an R-19 value, you can save at least 20% on energy. If the R-value is R-30, you can expect to save at least 30%. Include an R-value of R-49 and you can increase your savings by 45%. View website for complete info about the attic insulation in Estero, FL.

What Is the Best R-Value for Your Home?

Insulation with an R-value of R-19 is recommended for homes up to 10 years old while insulation with an R-30 rating is advised for homes that are 10 to 25 years of age. If your home is over 25 years old, an R-value with an R-49 rating is normally advised.

Each home is different when it comes to comfort levels and HVAC systems. That is why you need to consult with an HVAC specialist. The above information only serves as a general guideline. A heating and cooling professional can steer you toward the correct insulation for your living environment. If you want to make an upgrade that will help you save money and optimize your energy usage, visit a site such as website and contact the company for further details.

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