ADU Construction in Wildomar, CA, Provides Living Space for Family Members

When homeowners decide to give one or more family members a place to live, they may not want these relatives in the same household. It’s still possible for the family members to reside on the same property in an accessory dwelling unit. This might be a backyard cottage or an addition built over a detached garage. ADU construction in Wildomar, CA, is available from qualified building contractors.

Reasons for ADU Construction

Property owners want an ADU for a variety of reasons. They might want an elderly parent to move closer, which explains why these dwellings are commonly called mother-in-law apartments and granny flats. They could invite an adult child to move home when this person decides to finish a college degree. The student saves money and still has a private residence. Sometimes a single parent is invited to move home with the kids. The homeowners now can see the grandchildren frequently and help with childcare.


ADU construction in Wildomar, CA, for a backyard cottage might be a 1-1/2 story Cape Cod style with two bedrooms upstairs. It could be an open-concept one-story floor plan. The square footage depends partly on the lot size and how much yard space the owners are willing to give up. Although some large homes are built in a cottage style, a true cottage generally has 1,000 square feet or less on the ground floor. Extra square footage can be added in a second story.

Homeowners interested in these dwellings may view information on a building contractor at

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