After the Accident: What Being Fitted for Partial Dentures in Fairfield, OH Will Do

A recent auto accident led to some severe injuries. Among them was a lot of damage to a couple of teeth. Unfortunately, the damage is so severe that attempting to save them would be fruitless. The dental professional recommends extracting what’s left of those two teeth and investing in a partial denture. Here are some of the reasons why opting for Partial Dentures in Fairfield OH makes sense in this scenario.

A Constant Reminder

Because of the location of the broken teeth, they serve as a constant reminder of the accident. Every time the patient looks in a mirror and smiles, the damaged teeth are in evidence. Just as the rest of the body is healing, something needs to be done to remove this ongoing reminder. Since custom partial dentures can be fitted and prepared for us in a relatively short period of time, the patient can slide them in place and once again feel good about what the mirror reveals.

Eating is Easier

Attempting to chew with those damaged teeth is not the easiest thing in the world. Even after they are extracted, the gap also complicates the process of eating. Choosing to invest in a partial denture in Fairfield OH that fills in the gap gets things back to normal. Assuming the fit is just right and the denture attached to the surrounding teeth properly, the patient will only need to alter the dietary habits slightly.

Back to Smiling in Social Situations

Jagged teeth do nothing to make a person relax and feel free to jump right into the conversation. Gaps in the teeth don’t exactly help either. There’s always hesitation because the individual doesn’t want others to see those imperfections. Once the patient is fitted for a partial denture, feeling comfortable in social situations will come easily again.

While partial dentures are not the answer for everyone, they work just fine in many cases. Contact the Colerain Denture Center today and arrange for an examination. Based on the results, the team will recommend a solution that will correct the issue, fit into the patient’s budget, and make sure all the work is of the highest quality.

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