All about Sandblasting Engraving in Upland, CA

All types of engraving are beautiful ways to detail hard surfaces like glasses, leather, metal, and many more. Overall, there are several ways one might get an item engraved. A laser is good for use on items like wood, metal, plastic, acrylic, leather, and glass. A rotary, on the other hand, is a more traditional method of detailing, and is used to cut into metals that a laser might be unable to, like handcuffs, rings, watches, and brass; rotaries might also be used to engrave things like glasses and bibles as well.

What Is Sandblasting?

When checking out engraving in Upland, CA, you may find businesses that provide sandblasting services as well. With that said, sandblasting is not technically a method of engraving. Instead, it is a way to get a deeper cut on items that have already been engraved. Good items for sandblasting include things like bricks, stone, marble, and other heavier materials.

Sandblasting gets its name from the process of abrasive blasting on the glass to achieve a cleaner, deeper cut on different materials. There are three different methods of sandblasting that might be used, depending on the project: surface etching, carving, and shading. Each method provides a different type of finish, and each has its style benefits for different purposes.

Different Types of Sandblasting

Surface etching is not nearly as sophisticated of a technique as carving and shading, but it is the easiest to learn and the simplest to perform. These completed designs are made up of two elements: positive and negative space. The etched parts look white, while the unetched areas look darker or black. Carving and shading are more detailed processes that produce intricate designs with different elements.

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