All about the Dental Exam a Dentist in Highland Park Can Provide

Everyone is aware of the fact proper dental care is vital to your health, but not everyone visits the dentist as often as they should. Taking the time to understand the role of the dental exam and how a dentist exam in Highland Park can help you will broaden your understanding of proper dental care. The routine visits to your dentist involve more than receiving a cleaning from the dental hygienist. They also include a thorough dental examination from your dentist.

The Purpose of the Exam

The dental exam is done to gauge your overall dental health. Taking into consideration your baseline exam, which is the first dental exam you had, your current exam will be compared to determine any changes. If there are changes, your dentist will determine if they are negative changes that need to be addressed. A few of the issues a dentist in Highland Park looks for is tooth decay, gum disease and any increased spaces or areas in your mouth that did not exist before. Having a baseline to compare your current oral health to will help your dentist diagnose any issues in your oral health early enough to be successfully treated.

he Use of X-Rays

In addition to the physical exam of your mouth, your dentist might order dental x-rays. This is done to get a more thorough examination of your mouth. X-rays are routine and are typically ordered on every patient, but they are definitely ordered for patients who show diseases or conditions that warrant further evaluation.

Oral Cancer Screening

Your general dentist in Highland Park is your first defense against oral cancer. As your dentist is performing the routine dental exam, he will check the soft tissue in your mouth. This exam searches for any unusual bumps or lumps that could be indicative of oral cancer. If any suspecting spots are found, your dental professional might perform a biopsy or send you directly to an oral surgeon.

Your dentist in Highland Park is the first stop in proper dental health. By taking your dental health seriously and getting appropriate dental exams every six months, you will be able to catch any dental health issues early on. This helps prevent gum disease, tooth decay and even oral cancer from getting out of hand and causing life altering issues. The dentist is there to help you have proper oral health, take advantage of their services and keep your overall health intact. Make an appointment with the team at North Suburban Dental today.

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