All There is to Know About Wide Format Printing

Wide-format printing is also known as large format printing. It is a technique applicable in printing large projects. Wide-format printing uses specialized equipment for such printing work.

Such projects include posters, store displays, large charts and maps, and banners, among many more.

Companies want to stand out to customers. That’s possible by using large format printing. Every detail is visible for all to see, and the magnification makes the advertisement hard to miss.

In Dubai, large format printing is a popular printing method because of the tall buildings and impeccable architecture. To stand out, companies must also make a big statement.

The Cost of Large Format Printing

Some printing methods, such as screen printing, are costly compared to large format printing in Dubai. The quality of output is similar, but the production costs are less.

Undeniably, every project is different, thus the price variation. However, projects done using the large format printing method finish faster and cost less.

Large format printing is essential for:

• Building brand awareness
• Promoting new services and products
• Promoting events

Don’t go shy with the printed material if you plan to place the advertisement in wide and open areas. Advertisements should attract as much attention as possible. After all, that’s one major aim of marketing.

The Best Uses of Large Format Printing in Dubai

Before settling on wide format printing, ensure it’s the best form of advertising for the project. Typical uses of large format printing include:

• Posters
• Vinyl banners
• Window clings
• Business presentations
• Outdoor Signage
• Blueprints
• Backlit displays

Why Choose Large Format Printing?

Many printing methods exist. However, you want to select the one that gets the brand name out to the target market. One significant advantage of large format printing is printing on different mediums.

These mediums include:

• Hard vinyl
• Plexiglass
• Metal

The different printers for large format printing, such as UV, solvent, and aqueous, work perfectly for different projects.

In advertising, the larger, the better. Still, that does not mean overdoing it. Large format printing ensures the information is displayed in a big way. This way, the target audience cannot miss the signage.

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