An HVAC Repair Company in Peoria AZ Helps Landlords Comply With State Laws

Landlords of residential properties are required by law to keep those homes safe and habitable for renters. That includes keeping the heating system functioning. Heat is considered an essential feature of a residence, even in a climate like that of southern Arizona. Problems with heating and cooling systems both can be resolved by technicians with an HVAC Repair Company in Peoria AZ.

Reasonable Expectations

Heat is essential for the health and comfort of renters, but what about air conditioning? In most parts of the country, air conditioning is not required for residential rentals. However, if the air conditioning was installed and functioning at the time of rental, landlords must have the system repaired if it breaks down. That’s because tenants have the right to expect this feature if it existed when they paid their deposit on the place.

About Arizona Laws

Arizona is different than most states, however, because state law requires landlords there to provide air conditioning to tenants. Most rental property owners and managers act promptly after a tenant calls about an air conditioner breakdown.

Acceptable Actions by Renters

If the situation drags on after another call, the renters should notify the owner or manager in writing about the problem and keep a copy of the notice. If they must mail the letter, sending it as certified mail with a return receipt proves it was received.

This will protect the tenants if they ever have to go to court over the issue, but most landlords will not delay after receiving a written request. They’ll contact an HVAC Repair Company in Peoria AZ to get the unit up and running again. If this does not happen, tenants have the legal right to schedule the repair, pay for it, and deduct that amount from their next rent payment after providing a copy of the bill to the property owner or manager.

Tenants also have the legal right to end their lease early if the landlord does not have the system repaired by a company such as Arctic Fox Air Conditioning & Heating. The landlord cannot legally keep their security deposit for early lease termination.

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