Animal Removal in Fort Worth, TX Includes Bird Relocation

Bird control is one aspect offered as part of a comprehensive animal removal Fort Worth TX program. Birds are beautiful to look at and peaceful to listen to. They also play a role in maintaining the environment by eating insects, rodents, and other small creatures. However, when birds are in the wrong area, they can be a real nuisance. Some birds destroy food crops, some damage building structures, and others carry disease.

In an area where there is a big flock of birds, like pigeons, the droppings can be a real problem. Their droppings alone can cause a bad odor and they can corrode car paint and damage buildings. Bird droppings are not only unsightly, but they can carry diseases like cryptococcosis and more. You don’t even have to come into contact with the droppings to get sick from them. Histoplasmosis is a respiratory illness that humans can get from simply breathing and inhaling fungal spores in the air from the droppings. Ornithosis is another respiratory disease that humans can get from simply breathing in the spores, and it can be fatal.

After the pest removal service has relocated the birds, the next step is to clean up the damage they caused and clean up after them. To prevent getting sick, workers need to wear respirators or face masks so they don’t inhale spores from the pigeon droppings. They may spray water on the area so that dry, dusty air doesn’t carry the spores up into the air. They’ll need to wear gloves and boots while working. Areas that were covered in droppings need to be treated with a formaldehyde solution. If pigeons are getting inside buildings, the pest control company can seal off openings.

Critter Control of Greater Ft. Worth can educate their customers about effective bird deterrents. There are environmental protection laws for birds and other animals, and they have their own jobs to do in maintaining a proper wildlife balance, so it’s important to note that animal removal Fort Worth TX can be taken care of without cruelty to the animals. They can be humanely trapped and relocated, and measures put into place to discourage them from returning to that location.

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