Are Same-Day Dentures in Cincinnati, OH Worth It?

Same-day dentures in Cincinnati, OH are used when a person needs an artificial replacement for natural teeth. This can be the case with very badly damaged or missing teeth. Since it is important for many people to have healthy-looking teeth, a dentist can advise which treatment options are appropriate.

Two Categories

Basically, one can classify dentures into two categories: fixed dentures and removable dentures. Removable dentures are slightly cheaper and were used very often in years past. Fixed dentures offer patients increased comfort because they are are firmly anchored and stable. In the best case, you will not notice any difference between the dentures and the healthy teeth.

In addition to the question of whether a person needs fixed or removable dentures, there are different treatment methods made of different materials.

Reasons for and against getting a crown

The reasons that necessitate treatment with a crown can be manifold. Decay is often the reason for missing or poor teeth. But it can also be due to heavy wear or the loss of enamel. Crowns are also needed to counteract developmental problems or to correct positional anomalies.

If the damage to the tooth is not very extensive, and dentists can work with a filling, treatment with a crown is not necessary. Another reason not to use a crown is the age of the patient. In children and adolescents, dentists rarely use a crown.

Partial and full dentures

Non-fixed or removable dentures include partial and full dentures. Same-day dentures in Cincinnati, OH are necessary if too many teeth are damaged or missing and it is not possible to bridge them for lack of stability.

In most cases, partial dentures are used when at least 6 teeth have been lost. The partial denture is intended to fill the gaps created by the loss of teeth. The goal here is to correct the mentioned problems that can arise with tooth loss (ability to chew, speaking ability, aesthetics, etc.).

In addition, partial dentures also prevent other problems that may arise with tooth spaces, such as tooth migration, crowding, periodontal disease, and mucosal changes.

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