Are Student Housing Apartments Located Near the College Campus?

Off-campus student housing by the University of Florida might look appealing. You’ll get your first real taste of adulthood while still experiencing the full college lifestyle. But as you search for apartments online, you might be a little concerned about their proximity to the college campus. Can you easily shuttle back and forth to the campus every day, or should you rent out a dorm so you won’t risk missing your classes?

How Close Are Student Apartments to the College Campus?

Luckily, most student apartments are only a few minutes away from the college campus. You can easily drive back and forth to school every day with no difficulties. The only difference is that you’ll have to get up a little earlier. You might have to deal with traffic along the way, but the route is so short that it won’t make a big difference.

Some student housing complexes offer shuttle buses so you can still make it to class even if you don’t have a working vehicle. There’s a bus leaving for campus every 15 minutes throughout the day, so if you miss one route, there’s another bus coming right up. You can also take your bike to the campus, or even walk if you feel like getting some extra exercise.

For more information on off-campus student housing by the University of Florida, check out the Alight Gainesville. You can see a map of the housing complex’s proximity to campus and figure out the best routes.

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