Are You Considering Textile Design? Choose Courses Now

Textile design is the process of creating woven, printed, or knitted designs for fabrics. In most cases, the designers are involved with the design production, and many are used repetitively in interior décor and clothing items. You can make patterns and supervise the production, which means you may be part of the process of choosing and preparing raw material all the way through the finished product. You can use a variety of fibers and yarns, as well. If this seems interesting to you, you’ll need to consider courses from an accredited school to help you learn everything you need to be successful.

What You Do/Learn

Textile design is one of the most creative fields of industry, and you can work as a fashion designer, carpet manufacturer, and any related cloth field. For example, rugs, towels, and drapes are all considered textiles. In a sense, you can also inspire trends, collections, and styles, ensuring that you work in a business-savvy industry. However, before you can do that, you need to select courses that will teach you how to choose fabrics and other items, as well as how to make them into something innovative.


Most people prefer to go for a graduate program after completing their undergraduate needs. A Master of Fine Arts in Studio can help you design objects or learn more about fiber and other materials. You can also find a Master of Design for Designed Objects and a Master’s of Design in Fashion, as well. Once you get the education you need, you can work as a fashion or interior designer, as well as a technologist for clothing or color.

Textile design is one of the newest and most innovative job opportunities on the market. Visit the School of the Art Institute of Chicago at to find courses relating to this field.

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