Are You Looking for the Right Police Car Siren?

When it comes to emergency vehicles every single part and accessory has to be top-quality. The police siren is one of the most important among those parts, which means there is little room for compromise here. It is well-known how important a strong law and order system is for any economy, but the reality is that they too are controlled by strict budgets. In order to find a perfect balance between quality and price here, it is imperative that one uses brands that offer high quality products at affordable prices. An integral part of the emergency notification system, a siren needs to be loud and clear from quite a distance. They also need to be easily mountable and attachable, two features that will come in handy during emergencies. Adjustable bail brackets can ensure that they are.

The Different Types of Sirens
There are different kinds of sirens available today, each with different tones and signals to enhance and assist officers in their work. While looking for the right police car siren it is imperative that one checks their weather and vibration resistance features. With the increasing number of vehicles on the road, sirens today have to deal with even more ambient noise than before. There are models equipped with low-frequency warnings that can deal with this high level of noise effectively. They significantly increase the siren’s ability to get the attention of motorists and pedestrians alike, leading to overall usage safety.

Innovative Technology
Known as the Rumbler(TM), this technology is increasingly growing popular with more law enforcement departments. They produce low-frequency tones that duplicate a police car siren’s sounds but don’t really make a loud noise. What they do instead is use sound waves to shake solid material and grab the driver or pedestrian’s attention instantly, even from 200 feet away. Even if a loud road noise or an iPod prevents one from hearing the siren chasing them, the shaking vehicle and quivering rearview mirrors will definitely grab their attention. Special push-to-talk buttons and high quality membrane switches make for easier tactile feedback too.

The Old vs. the New
Leading siren models have amplifiers with a wattage rating up to 300 or even more along with heavy-duty microphones. Advanced models come with complete user customization options which mean that the user can change the tones whenever they want. A recessed switch placed at the rear, adjustable preset volumes and the hands-free tone control allows the tone and volume to be changed and managed effortlessly, even when the car is in motion. New generation sirens are powerful and can work round the clock without overheating and or stressing out the wiring.

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