Are Zinc Nickel Plating Companies All The Same?

Choosing outsourced services as an Original Equipment Manufacturer is an important decision. These contract manufacturing services become partners to the OEM, and the quality and precision of the work they do is an important factor to consider.

Unfortunately, not all zinc nickel plating companies are the same. OEMs in the automotive, machinery and equipment industries, as well as those making parts and components for different types of systems, need to choose the company to provide zinc nickel plating services carefully.

Experience with Part Processing

When comparing or evaluating different zinc nickel plating companies, experience is an essential comparison point. Companies with a history of providing top quality plating services are always a better option than companies with limited experience or with no experience in your industry.

Processing Capacity

The processing capacity of the plating company is also a critical factor. Some companies are smaller facilities, designed to work with OEMs with limited processing needs for parts or components. Other plating services may only offer plating for small or large parts based on their plating methods and equipment.

A good guideline to consider is not just the current capacity or capability of the zinc nickel plating companies under consideration, but their ability to continue to meet plating needs as your company expands.

This is beneficial for the OEM as there is no need to continually look for plating companies with the required capacity. Scaling up production becomes much easier when all that is required is a phone call to ramp up production.

While price is a factor in comparing companies offering zinc nickel plating services, keep in mind that reputation for on-time delivery, quality of plating services and ability to work with your supply chain are factors that also need to be compared when making a final decision.

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