Aspects That Influence Installation Price With a Garage Door Company in Huntington WV

Many varied details affect the cost of new product installation from a Garage Door Company in Huntington WV. Some homeowners don’t care all that much about the material or even the aesthetics of their new doors, as long as the doors are functional and affordable.

Others have very specific ideas on how they want these features to look and they may have enhanced characteristics in mind. They are willing to spend more money to get exactly what they want when they replace the old models.

Size and Material

Some aspects of affordability can’t be changed. The main cost factor is the size of the project. With all other factors being equal, a single-stall garage door will cost less than a double model or two single-stall doors. Of course, many houses have garages larger than two stalls.

Wood and fiberglass doors typically cost more than metal ones. Aluminum and steel are common choices for residential garage doors as installed by a company such as Garage Door Operators Inc. Adding insulation also adds a little more to the price.


A basic model with no frills is the cheapest type, and it provides the main purpose of these products: enclosing the garage. Many people want something a bit more aesthetically pleasing installed by a Garage Door Company in Huntington WV, however. They can choose from a variety of trims and may decide to include windows too. Most standard garage doors with windows have a row of small ones at the top that constitutes a decorative feature and allows some natural light to enter.

Significant Changes

Major changes in style add more to the cost. Switching from an overhead version to carriage doors that swing out is an example. Carriage doors also can function with a remote opener, but the mechanism is quite different from the overhead track and roller system.

Another example would be modifying the garage, so it has one double door instead of two single-stall doors, or replacing a double model with two separate ones. These options require changing the structure of the building, but some customers buy a house and really don’t like the existing door setup.

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