Assistance From An Attorney In Chicago When You Need To File For Disability

Not being able to work because of a disability likely isn’t something that you plan. However, there are still ways that you can support your family financially. One of the options that you have is to talk to a Chicago social security disability attorney who can prepare a claim to file so that you get the benefits that you deserve in order to support yourself and your other family members.

Making Contact
The first step in filing a disability claim is to contact an attorney who works in this field. You want to find an attorney who understands disability laws and who knows how to approach the court so that you can get the proper compensation for the length of time you’ve been disabled until you begin receiving monthly payments. When you meet with a Chicago social security disability attorney, you’ll discuss the reasons why you’re unable to work and how successful your case will likely be the first time you file.

Submitting Documents
Once your claim has been established with the attorney, you can then present any medical documents that you might have about your disability. These documents should offer information about why you’re unable to work. If you’re unable to gather all of the information needed, you can sign a release that allows your attorney to get the necessary records without you being present.

The Hearing
Your attorney will work with you to prepare you for questions that you might have to answer during your hearing. Most of the time, communication can be done over the phone. However, you’ll usually meet in person a few days before you’re supposed to go to court so that you can iron out the final details. When you attend the hearing, you’ll talk about your disability and listen as the judge declares whether or not you can receive benefits.

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